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Service include all of Tulsa & Oklahoma

Make your event beautiful, unique and memorable!

Reserve an elegant horse drawn carriage for your special day.

At Dreamcatcher Carriage, we provide horse drawn carriage service for a variety of events.

 Each reservation requires a minimum 2-hour reservation. This will include your driver dressed in English Country or Western attire, a stunning horse drawn vehicle pulled by two impeccably groomed Percheron draft horses, along with a complimentary bottle of non-alcoholic champagne type beverage with decorated keepsake glasses.

Our services include:


    Complete or Partial    Decorations                                                                                                                    


    Weddings  *

    American, East Indian
    Birthday Parties
    Christmas Light Tours
    Hayrides -  Including wiener roast around a camp fire.
    Covered Wagon-Parades and Parties   
    Specialty Rides-Marriage Proposals

    We also have horse drawn vehicles that are handicap accessible. 

This is a great way  for the Senior Citizen to enjoy the fun of going on a horse drawn event.

   *Weddings are priced for 1 hour, there is a  per hour fee charged after that.

    Festivals--- We have vehicles that are handicap accessible for group parties                    
         We will tailor  party to your special needs.   Your party can be held at the                                Dreamcatcher  Ranch or on  the location of your choice.    We will provide everything for your party or part of it. Our goal is to make the day fun for you.

                                                    Tulsa ,Oklahoma Skyline- Tulsa Union Depot                                                  

            Firecracker and Sparkles waiting for the guests at the Gala at the Tulsa, Oklahoma Union Depot.
                                 Enjoy having the entire Bridal Party arrive in this special Surrey with the fringe on top.

Christmas  Party Caroling _____________________________________________________________________________


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